De solway lass

We have the cabins for ourselves with an authentic comfort. The crew is excellent, very keen on music and especially blues since they spend their time playing guitar each time they have a break and food is great. Soon two groups appear among the tourists : girls angry for sun tan and an other group who wants to make most of this trip in the Whitsundays.

At the menu, french, american, Canadian, Austrian, Dutch, polish and Australian served with transparent sea water sauce with green turtle vegetables on coral bed with multicolor fishes. Snorkelling gears replace knives and forks and the battle suit is mandatory to enjoy this huge meal. Scenery is obviously gorgeous with the whitheaven beaches. The boat sailing on the sea makes us discover his full beauty and grace from old time. The crew makes everybody participate between two blues concert while the most experienced tourist get to pilot. It is good to leave by the ocean and the wind. Each destination starts with a ritual of jumping into the wild pacific with a rope and finish by a great meal and huge snacks (great nachos !)

According to the crew, Australia was discovered quite late because the land is invisible at less than 30 miles from the coast due to an extremely flat country. Land is line shaped invisible to the bare eyes.

We would celebrate the end of our trip with everybody into an aussie bar where all sorts of game were an excuse to drink, like limbo dance.

At 23h30, let’s go for some other adventure : 10h of bus to reach the next destination Town of 1770 (the name of this town come from where Captain Cook landed first in Australia).